Jammu and Kashmir is a state in Northern India. It is located mostly in the Himalayan mountains, and shares borders with the states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab to the south. Jammu and Kashmir consists of three regions: Jammu, the Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. Srinagar is the summer capital, and Jammu is the winter capital. Jammu and Kashmir is the only state in India with a Muslim-majority population. In Kashmir, India is ruling on Muslims. Muslims don’t have rights to do anything. They cannot pray. They cannot go to school and they don’t le Muslims slaughter animal on Eid ul Azha. Slaughtering animal is Sunnah in Islam. A Muslim who is able to buy an animal such as goat, lamb and cow, should slaughter and animal and distribute its meat to his family, friends and poor people.

Lambs and Goat

India considers cow as God. They hate killing animals but they love killing Muslims. Hindus hate Muslims because they slaughter animals and eat meat but they gave votes to a man named Narender Modi who killed thousands of Muslims in Gujrat, cut children into pieces, burnt their homes.

Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi
Muslims doused with gasoline and set on fire by Hindus Gujrat 2002.


Hindu community burning Muslims properties and feeling happy.





Muslim children burnt alive by right-wing Hindu mobs



Everything that pictures show happened on order of terrorist Narender Modi who is currently Prime Minister of India. In Jammu and Kashmir, there is an organization named Hizbul Mujahideen. There are many young militant who are fighting for freedom. There was a militant named Burhan Wani, a 22 years old boy who joined this organization at the age of 15 to fight against Indian Army who kills lot of Muslims after every 2,3,or 4 years in Kashmir because Kasmiri Muslims protest when India try to impose their thoughts on them. India wants Kashmiris to go to Pakistan because they are Muslims but Kashmiris don’t want to go to Pakistan because they want Jammu and Kashmir to become a part of Pakistan. Burhan Wani joined Hizbul Mujahideen organization in 2010 when Indian Army used to beat him and his friend in Kashmir. He left school and began fighting against India. He was very intelligent and he killed many Indian soldiers when they tried to kill Burhan.

Burhan Wani


He was expert in different ways of fighting. India called him a terrorist because he was fighting for freedom of Muslims. He hated how Hindus treat Muslims. He was most wanted to India. India said they will give 10,000 rupees to a person who will bring his head because they were afraid of him. Whoever fought with him in front of him was killed by him. So the coward Indian Army decided to kill him when he was sleeping with his 2 friends. Indian Army finally got information about the place where he was and opened fire on him and killed him on July 6th 2016. It was the third day of Eid ul Fitr.

dead Burhan


Burhan was an idol for Kashmir youth. When Kashmiri youth heard that Burhan is died they came out of their homes. They attend Burhan’s funeral.



Thousands of people came to his funeral and buried him.burhan-wani-story_647_070916051953


Indian Army did not want Kashmiris to attend his funeral so they opened fire on them. Many people got injured during funeral. After burying him, people came on streets to protest that they don’t want Kashmir to be part of India anymore. Between 3 days, pitiless Indian Army killed more than 10 people in Kashmir and this happened in July. Indian Army did not use regular gun they used guns that had teeny tiny needles type knives in them called gun pallets. So a person who is shot gets hundreds of knives in his body.

Insha Fatima who was shot by gum pallets



Terrorist Prime Minister of India gave permission to Indian Army to shoot everyone in Kashmir either causeless. Kashmiris don’t have guns to reply but they try to throw stones at Indian Army. Kashmiris are getting injured because they love Pakistan and want to be known as Pakistani. From July to September India has killed more than 90 people in Kashmir, arrested more than 5000 people and just because of ruthless India’s pitiless action, more than 500 people has lost their eye sight. Kashmiris are still protesting and India says that Pakistan is supporting them but this is wrong. Pakistan is with them but they are protesting by themselves and they India because what Hindus do with them. India blames Pakistan for every single attack. This is Hindus’ real face. Pakistan is thinking for a solution and supports Kashmiris because they are right. There is news everywhere when someone dies in Europe and in America but when a Muslim dies people don’t  raise up their voices to defend him and against terrorists and terorrism.

I am happy that I am sharing this with you guys. This is real face of Hindus and Indian government.



















2 thoughts on “Kashmir

    1. No, I did not grow up in areas where this was happening. I am from Pakistan and but I grew up in Saudi Arabia. In 1947, Pakistan became independent, before that India was ruling Muslims. During migration to Pakistan, 600,000 were killed by Hindus because Hindus did not want Muslims to have freedom and loose such a big land from India.


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