About me……!!

Part 1

My name is Zainab Ejaz. I was born in Saudi Arabia but I am a Pakistani ethnicity. My parents are Pakistani. My father went to Saudi Arabia when he was 22 years old. When he got married with my mom, he called her to Saudi Arabia. I have four siblings including three sisters and one brother. We were all born in Saudi Arabia. We all love Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

787978-pakistansaudiarabia-1415482218-868-640x480  I am the oldest so they all are younger than me. My father did a job in a restaurant for few years then he opened his own restaurant when I was 5. I did not go to school in Saudi Arabia because of some problems but my mother taught me to read Quran and Urdu. I was curious about Arabic and I wanted to learn it but I did not get a chance to learn it. I moved to Pakistan on December 21, 2007 when I was about to turn seven. Pakistan was really different to me because in Saudi Arabia I did not have relatives where I could go to there house but in Pakistan I saw a lot of different people which my parents were greeting to. Then I got to know that there are a lot of people who are related with me. First, I attend my uncle’s wedding. Then in January 21, I was enrolled in school. It was my first day of school and I was so scared.large_1st-day-of-school-title.png

I have never ever been interested going to school even now I am in high school. I was good in learning but I did not like school. Once I did my homework and showed my teacher. She usually gave star to a student who’s writing was neat and clean. I showed my teacher and she asked, “who did it for you?” I did not understand what she mean then she explained. She said, “I think someone did homework for you because this writing is so good and you are not in that grade so I am not giving you a star. I am only checking it. Next time, make sure you do it by yourself.” First, I felt so sad but then I was like my writing is so good what if she did not give me a star even I deserved more than one star. This is my skill and if she says someone else did it for me, does not effect my writing.

I am glad that I shared about me. I will continue sharing about me in my next blog or may be blogs.


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