Stories of Prophets…..!!

Salaam guys!   How are you?   This blog is so difficult for me because I don’t have any ideas so I decided to write stories about prophets. So there were so many prophets in the world and the first man Hazrat Adam was the first prophet too. And the last prophet were Muhammad (S.A.W). So lets talk about some Prophets.

Hazrat Adam (A.S)

Allah made the mountains, sees, heaven, stars, sun, moon and angles. The angles were like Allah’s servants. They did whatever Allah ordered them to do. Them Allah decided to create a man. His name was Adam. Allah taught him many things so he had more knowledge than angles.  There was a jinn (ghost) who did not do Sajda when Allah asked everyone to do Sajda for him so he became Iblees (Shytan, Devil). Adam begin to live in a beautiful place called paradise but he felt little lonely so Allah made to be Adam’s wife and they were living happy. In paradise, they were able to do anything but Allah told them must not to eat any fruit from a tree. Shytan decided to do something naughty. He told Adam and Hawa that nothing would happen if they eat this fruit and it is so delicious so they both ate that fruit then they realized that they did not do a good thing. So they asked Allah for forgiveness and Allah forgave them but they were not able to be in paradise and Allah sent them to earth and they had children and this this is how population of the world grew.


Ok guys I will tell you about other Prophets in my other blog. Prophets played the big roles in peoples lives. They were innocents and they did what Allah tell them to do by angles.





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