A Prophet…..Hazrat Nuh (a.s)

Salam guys! What’s up? Today, I decided to come up with the stories of prophets because I started my topic in my last blog so I want to continue with these stories until I feel I am finished with them. Last time I wrote about Hazrat Adam who was the first prophet and the first man on the earth, and his wife Hazrat Hawa. Lets read about more prophets and about their journeys.

Hazrat Nuh

After many years Hazrat Adam had grandchildren even great grand children, there were so many people on the earth. Some of them obeyed Allah and some of them did not. Now there lot of bad things happening in the earth. People made Allah unhappy so Allah chose Hazrat Nuh to tell people what is good and what is bad for them. He told people about  what they are doing wrong but people did not listen to them. Hazrat Nuh kept telling people about doing good deeds for about 950 , 1050 or 1400 years (sorry it is not confirmed that how many years he telling people to make Allah happy)  and after that Allah decided to punish naughty people and told Hazrat Nuh to build a boat.He began to gather parts of woods and when bad people saw an old man gathering parts of woods and building a boat near by his house on a dried place, they laughed at him that what is he doing but he did not take any notice of them because he had to do his work. When he finished building boat, he put a lot of food in the boat, took the people with him who were good people and wanted to come with him and he also took a lot of animals, two of every kind. One day, all of a sudden, the sky went very dark, the rain began and water was also coming from the earth. Good people who believed in Hazrat Nuh were in boat and non-believers died in the water. Hazrat Nuh’s wife and one son did not obey Allah and when he called his son to come in the boat, he said he will go on the peak of the mountain but he died. He imagined , water is everywhere, people are dying but I am trying to reach at the peak of the mountain, feeling alive. After many days, when the water dried, people came back on the land and lived there.

There is so much that I have to tell you, so stay tuned.

SALAM…….(Peace be on you)


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