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Salaam guys! what’s up? I feel so lazy when I have to write a blog because I feel I don’t have ideas writing blogs and my writing may not interact anyone reading my blog but anyway, these blogs are part of our grades and quarter is about to end after 2 classes because then the midterm imtihan start. It is so different in high madrassa than middle madrassa and if you are in ESL, it is much easier than being in regular classes, because then you have a teacher who helps you during your class periods such as science and math, and classwork from those teachers is so easy to learn for imtihan. I actually began going to school in Amreeka in 2015 and now it is the beginning of 2017. It is a great experience meeting new people, visiting new places, learning different language, taking electives which you are interested in, and enjoy trying food from different culture’s tradition because then you get to know more about tasty food. According to me, the most delicious and tasty food belongs to the Middle East and Turkey is traditional country and it has old style of way of living lives which is so good.  Delicious food makes me happy and cool. Turkey is my favorite country and I want to visit it. The most beautiful city in Turkey is Istanbul. Image result for istanbulI am not sure that is that a aasima of Turkey or not but I know that there are so many beautiful places and mosques built by using Islamic Art that is mostly used building a masjid . Fascinating view of this city makes people feel it is the city that they must have to visit. The buildings look so jameel. How I felt that Istanbul is a beautiful madinah, I read a novel and the setting of that novel was Turkey. The hero lived there and heroine came there for education because she got scholarship and they both were married but they were not living together because the reception did not happened yet. I think it was the most interesting novel in the world and the way, writer of this novel write novels, is so interested and she has sophisticated thoughts and she writes her expressions and thoughts gorgeously to make people feel interest reading novels and lead them on the right pathway of life because there are so many ways to learn lessons from her novels such as religiously. I hope I will visit this sparkly city one day. InShaAllah.


2 thoughts on “It’s Me

    1. The name of that novel was “Jannat ke Pattey” which means “Leaves of Paradise” in English. It is written in Urdu by a Pakistani writer named Nimra Ahmed.

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