Going back home: Summer Vacations

Salaam………….What’s up guys?  Finally it is February 9th, we are done with midterm, that means we have spent half time in this grade. Now we have to go school in March, April, and May but we have exams those count 20% of our grades. It is very hard doing exams for me because  it makes me unorganized and to replace my stuff, it takes so long. As we grow up, we feel it is getting hard and last year was easy for education. I attend Middle School for one year and I think it was a great experience. Sometimes I think Middle School was better but for some reason, I think High School is better. I wish I had a giant mind so I could do more and more study and jump ahead a year or maybe years but I am very lazy.

We are lucky, we stay home, go to school, and go somewhere for vacations such as for shopping and I like to buy jewelry. What about people who don’t have home. They are not safe for anything. They don’t have opportunities to study because they have to earn money to buy food.  May Allah, Help everyone around the world. Ameen.

Lets see what we wanna know about today, countries, Cities, continents, movies, or studies? Oh! I forgot to talk about something special, today we had no school because of snow storm, finally snow is blessing. You can sleep, do rest, do studies, and tomorrow is Friday, we don’t have to go to school for two days and I am hearing that on Wednesday, it is snow again. Center for Global Studies have decided not to teach regular subjects on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday because last two years, we did not have school for a week and this year, vacations include Saturday and Monday so we only have three days off from school.  So we are taking two topics those we like to choose and get educated about them. I think it is fun but I don’t want to skip Arabic because it the easiest subject for me.

I am planning for next week in vacations but I know I am just going to plan then go to bed because I am lazy. I love staying home.




5 thoughts on “Going back home: Summer Vacations

    1. Actually I love to stay home and go somewhere for shopping and eating. I get this opportunity in summer vacations, this is why I wrote, “Going back home.”


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