Hi guys……. It is finally end of the May they keeps pleasing me as I think about vacations. When I have school, I want vacations and when I don’t have it I miss school. That is human nature when we don’t have something we want it and what we have, we don’t pay attention to that. When doctors tell us not to eat few particular things we really wanna eat them but when we are healthy we don’t eat them.

Today, I decided to talk about starvation. It is the problem that is causing what is happening to the world. People do anything to get food when they are hungry. They commit suicide, they involve in activities that are considered crime, they work hard to earn money to get food and feed their family. So lets see where people are starving and which place is affecting their lives.


There are more than 20 countries in in Africa that are suffering starvation because they are poor countries. So we have the evidence that there are poor people in Africa because we are hearing about Somalia that does not have food and people are migrating and dying. Millions of people’s life is at risk. Girls have even gotten married to get money to get food. That sounds weird.

Poorest countries are Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Liberia and Burundi. We actually have never heard about these countries but they actually exist. There are a lot of people who don’t have food in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Palestine and Syria. These are the countries those are poor and people in there have no access to food and health that causes hundreds of people losing their lives.

The world should help these people. Actually there are people who have a lot of money and they buy what they don’t neel and on the other side people die for having no food. In Islam, we have to pay money for each person and give it to poor people that helps them and they can get what they need. 14,00 years ago there were great Muslim generals and they took care of people. Sometimes there was no one to get money.

And today you can get free ice cream from Carvel. I think you can get it by 8:00 o clock.



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