Interview of Me…..

Yesterday,  my teacher interviewed me about Center for Global Studies that how was my experience. We have been dong blogs since he beginning of our school year but this one was different. When Mrs. Fortuna gave instructions about it, I was absent and unfortunately I think I am going to get tardy grades for it. She asked me about my experience and I replied how I felt when I came to Center For Global Studies. I thought it would be really hard for me to manage a regular English class because it is my second year in the United States. I already knew that Arabic would not be very hard and my Arabic teacher is really nice that made it more easy for me to learn Arabic easily. It was very hard for me to do work in my Literature class but at every single step, where I felt I can’t make it, my teacher Ms. Fortuna helped me a lot and I learned so many new things in Center for Global Studies. I am really thankful to my Center for Global Studies teachers.

Here is the link of the video of my experience about Center for Global Studies.



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