Violence against Women in Islam

I am posting my essay that I did for my Literature class. I think it would help my people to understand about women in Islam and American sources about Islam.

I have seen many videos where Muslims get harassed by Non-Muslims in Western countries.  Muslim girls’ hijabs gets pulled off, or they are forced to take off their gown that they wear according to their religion and I saw a Muslim girls going downstairs in a building in Berlin and a guy kicked so she fell. Muslim men gets beaten up or someone gets them in argument. I think these hate crimes will increase if people have wrong information about Islam and it should not spread anymore.

Islamic Women’s rights in Islam are limited by people who don’t have knowledge of Islam. People’s  They think women gets oppressed in Islam because they are forced to wear hijab and men have two portions of women. Women wear hijab because it is command from Allah. Second, it protects women from being harassed and increases her beauty. Men have two portions because they are responsible for taking care their house and family and on the other hand, women can save money for themselves. If husband earns money, he is responsible to take care of her basic needs and fulfil her desires but if wife earns money she does not have to share it with her husband. She can spend it on her own.

The reason why women’s rights are limited according to some Americans is, there are so many resources in America that are unreliable but they get read by so many people that spreads impression that women are forced to wear hijab, are oppressed in their religion and have no rights. These sources are responsible for hate crimes against Muslims in Western Countries.

Sometimes women do get beaten up and harassed in Muslim countries but it does not have anything to do with Islam. Violence against women has always has been wrongly  connected to Islam and some people consider the violence against women the root of Islam that has given them negative impressions to some people in Islam. Women not get get beaten up in Muslim countries, they get beaten up in India, Africa, and even women do get beaten up in Europe and America but it is never considered religious oppression by people who consider violence against Muslim women Islamic oppression. Infacet, violence against women in not something religious, it is some men’s mentality that makes them beat women. Some of them beat because they feel, they are stronger than women and other beats their women when they are angry at their wife or someone else, but they hit their wife.

Islam has saved women. A long time ago, it was Arab’s traditions to bury their girls alive. Islam came and this tradition ended. Actually, there is whole chapter named “Al Nisa” that means women in Quran that talks about the rights of women including her part of property in her dad’s property. There is Farewell speech of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) where he tell his companions to take care of their wives and women in their family. Girls are considered blessings from Allah in Islam. If girls are not allowed to go to school in Afghanistan and not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, that does not mean these laws comes from Islam, they come from government. In Islam, it is obligated for men and women to gain knowledge. The reason why there is violence in Muslim countries is because there is lack of knowledge that means people are uneducated.

Image result for surging violence against women in islam

The solution for these problems is Islamic sources should be verified by someone who has read Quran and have knowledge of it and people should not believe in what they read in one source, they should try to find evidence on their own by reading Quran or asking questions who has knowledge about Islam in the masjid. People who think Islam oppresses women, should read the chapter from Quran and take information from Islamic media that provides evidence.


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