Violence against Women in Islam

I am posting my essay that I did for my Literature class. I think it would help my people to understand about women in Islam and American sources about Islam.

I have seen many videos where Muslims get harassed by Non-Muslims in Western countries.  Muslim girls’ hijabs gets pulled off, or they are forced to take off their gown that they wear according to their religion and I saw a Muslim girls going downstairs in a building in Berlin and a guy kicked so she fell. Muslim men gets beaten up or someone gets them in argument. I think these hate crimes will increase if people have wrong information about Islam and it should not spread anymore.

Islamic Women’s rights in Islam are limited by people who don’t have knowledge of Islam. People’s  They think women gets oppressed in Islam because they are forced to wear hijab and men have two portions of women. Women wear hijab because it is command from Allah. Second, it protects women from being harassed and increases her beauty. Men have two portions because they are responsible for taking care their house and family and on the other hand, women can save money for themselves. If husband earns money, he is responsible to take care of her basic needs and fulfil her desires but if wife earns money she does not have to share it with her husband. She can spend it on her own.

The reason why women’s rights are limited according to some Americans is, there are so many resources in America that are unreliable but they get read by so many people that spreads impression that women are forced to wear hijab, are oppressed in their religion and have no rights. These sources are responsible for hate crimes against Muslims in Western Countries.

Sometimes women do get beaten up and harassed in Muslim countries but it does not have anything to do with Islam. Violence against women has always has been wrongly  connected to Islam and some people consider the violence against women the root of Islam that has given them negative impressions to some people in Islam. Women not get get beaten up in Muslim countries, they get beaten up in India, Africa, and even women do get beaten up in Europe and America but it is never considered religious oppression by people who consider violence against Muslim women Islamic oppression. Infacet, violence against women in not something religious, it is some men’s mentality that makes them beat women. Some of them beat because they feel, they are stronger than women and other beats their women when they are angry at their wife or someone else, but they hit their wife.

Islam has saved women. A long time ago, it was Arab’s traditions to bury their girls alive. Islam came and this tradition ended. Actually, there is whole chapter named “Al Nisa” that means women in Quran that talks about the rights of women including her part of property in her dad’s property. There is Farewell speech of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) where he tell his companions to take care of their wives and women in their family. Girls are considered blessings from Allah in Islam. If girls are not allowed to go to school in Afghanistan and not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, that does not mean these laws comes from Islam, they come from government. In Islam, it is obligated for men and women to gain knowledge. The reason why there is violence in Muslim countries is because there is lack of knowledge that means people are uneducated.

Image result for surging violence against women in islam

The solution for these problems is Islamic sources should be verified by someone who has read Quran and have knowledge of it and people should not believe in what they read in one source, they should try to find evidence on their own by reading Quran or asking questions who has knowledge about Islam in the masjid. People who think Islam oppresses women, should read the chapter from Quran and take information from Islamic media that provides evidence.


Interview of Me…..

Yesterday,  my teacher interviewed me about Center for Global Studies that how was my experience. We have been dong blogs since he beginning of our school year but this one was different. When Mrs. Fortuna gave instructions about it, I was absent and unfortunately I think I am going to get tardy grades for it. She asked me about my experience and I replied how I felt when I came to Center For Global Studies. I thought it would be really hard for me to manage a regular English class because it is my second year in the United States. I already knew that Arabic would not be very hard and my Arabic teacher is really nice that made it more easy for me to learn Arabic easily. It was very hard for me to do work in my Literature class but at every single step, where I felt I can’t make it, my teacher Ms. Fortuna helped me a lot and I learned so many new things in Center for Global Studies. I am really thankful to my Center for Global Studies teachers.

Here is the link of the video of my experience about Center for Global Studies.



Hi guys……. It is finally end of the May they keeps pleasing me as I think about vacations. When I have school, I want vacations and when I don’t have it I miss school. That is human nature when we don’t have something we want it and what we have, we don’t pay attention to that. When doctors tell us not to eat few particular things we really wanna eat them but when we are healthy we don’t eat them.

Today, I decided to talk about starvation. It is the problem that is causing what is happening to the world. People do anything to get food when they are hungry. They commit suicide, they involve in activities that are considered crime, they work hard to earn money to get food and feed their family. So lets see where people are starving and which place is affecting their lives.


There are more than 20 countries in in Africa that are suffering starvation because they are poor countries. So we have the evidence that there are poor people in Africa because we are hearing about Somalia that does not have food and people are migrating and dying. Millions of people’s life is at risk. Girls have even gotten married to get money to get food. That sounds weird.

Poorest countries are Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Liberia and Burundi. We actually have never heard about these countries but they actually exist. There are a lot of people who don’t have food in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Palestine and Syria. These are the countries those are poor and people in there have no access to food and health that causes hundreds of people losing their lives.

The world should help these people. Actually there are people who have a lot of money and they buy what they don’t neel and on the other side people die for having no food. In Islam, we have to pay money for each person and give it to poor people that helps them and they can get what they need. 14,00 years ago there were great Muslim generals and they took care of people. Sometimes there was no one to get money.

And today you can get free ice cream from Carvel. I think you can get it by 8:00 o clock.


Informative Blog…

Salam guys……!!  How are you? It has been 25 days I did talk to you. I have been thing for so long to come up with blog ideas but in the end I decided to learn about some geographical areas. Actually we should know about everything in the world but our memories are not so good that once we read something it gets stick into our minds. So first of all I decided to learn about the different states of the United States of America. So lets learn about American states and their capitals.

States and Capitals


The name of the state is Alabama and the capital of this state is Montgomery.

The name of the state is Arizona and the capital of this state is Phoenix.

The name of the state is Arkansas and the capital of this state is Little Rock.

The name of the state is California and the capital of this state is Sacramento.

The name of the state is Colorado and the capital of this state is Denver.

The name of the state is Connecticut and the capital of this state is Hartford.

The name of the state is Delaware and the capital of this state is Dover.

The name of the state is Florida and the capital of this state is Tallahassee.

The name of the state is Georgia and the capital of this state is Atlanta.

The name of the state is Hawaii and the capital of this state is Honolulu.

The name of the state is Idaho and the capital of this state is Boise.

The name of the state is Illinois and the capital of this state is Springfield.

The name of the state is Indiana and the capital of this state is Indianapolis.

The name of the state is Iowa and the capital of this state is Des Moines

I am sorry guys my writing is not good. You may find my blog boring. I think these are enough to learn. I will post others in my next blog InShaAllah….Third quarter is about to end. I wish you all best of luck.



Richest County: Qatar

Salaam guys? how are you doing? now it is March so finally we have three months of school. Today, I was expecting that school might get delayed for two hours. I kept checking the Norwalk Public Website but unfortunately there was nothing to make me happy and I could sleep. The Arabic study tour went to Qatar this year….They are finally back and Arabic teacher showed us pictures of Qatar. It is an incredible country. I loved the pictures and I hope to visit it someday. So today I decided to research about some beautiful places in Qatar.

Qatar is the richest country in the world. People in Qatar are living luxury lives due to having tons of oil and education. Actually money from oil is used to provide everything in good position to Qatari citizens. They built different structures that represent the Islamic Art. They made their country look better by using money. Students are provided with higher-level education and they get supplies from school. Doha is the capital of Qatar.

Top Places to Visit in Qatar.


The museum of Islamic Art is museum on Corniche in Doha, Qatar. It opened in November 22nd, 2008. Architectural Style of this structure is Islamic Architecture. Owner of this museum is Qatar Museums Authority.mia_architecture_071214_4548.jpg

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is a shopping mall. It is located in Doha, the state of Qatar. This souq is noted for selling garments,  traditional garments, spies, handicrafts, and souvenirs. These are dozens of restaurants and Shisha lounges. It was renovated in 2006 to conserve its traditional Qatari architectural style. It is located in the district of Al Souq which is located in the middle of the city Doha. It was found a century ago in proximity of the dry river bed known as Wadi Musheireb. A place where Bedouins and locals would trade goods with such a variety of things. Later on, the government decided to give some proper and accurate shapes to the buildings for the visitors and locals.

The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar is an artificial island spanning nearly four million square meters. It is the first land in Qatar where freehold ownership foreigners can buy land and as January 2015, there are 12000 residents in the island. So the population of this island is 12000 according to 2015.

In concluion, I would say Qatar is the best place to visit, but in winter because the weather of Arab countries is so hot that may cause some people to get sick who are not trained with this weather.

Going back home: Summer Vacations

Salaam………….What’s up guys?  Finally it is February 9th, we are done with midterm, that means we have spent half time in this grade. Now we have to go school in March, April, and May but we have exams those count 20% of our grades. It is very hard doing exams for me because  it makes me unorganized and to replace my stuff, it takes so long. As we grow up, we feel it is getting hard and last year was easy for education. I attend Middle School for one year and I think it was a great experience. Sometimes I think Middle School was better but for some reason, I think High School is better. I wish I had a giant mind so I could do more and more study and jump ahead a year or maybe years but I am very lazy.

We are lucky, we stay home, go to school, and go somewhere for vacations such as for shopping and I like to buy jewelry. What about people who don’t have home. They are not safe for anything. They don’t have opportunities to study because they have to earn money to buy food.  May Allah, Help everyone around the world. Ameen.

Lets see what we wanna know about today, countries, Cities, continents, movies, or studies? Oh! I forgot to talk about something special, today we had no school because of snow storm, finally snow is blessing. You can sleep, do rest, do studies, and tomorrow is Friday, we don’t have to go to school for two days and I am hearing that on Wednesday, it is snow again. Center for Global Studies have decided not to teach regular subjects on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday because last two years, we did not have school for a week and this year, vacations include Saturday and Monday so we only have three days off from school.  So we are taking two topics those we like to choose and get educated about them. I think it is fun but I don’t want to skip Arabic because it the easiest subject for me.

I am planning for next week in vacations but I know I am just going to plan then go to bed because I am lazy. I love staying home.



It’s Me

Salaam guys! what’s up? I feel so lazy when I have to write a blog because I feel I don’t have ideas writing blogs and my writing may not interact anyone reading my blog but anyway, these blogs are part of our grades and quarter is about to end after 2 classes because then the midterm imtihan start. It is so different in high madrassa than middle madrassa and if you are in ESL, it is much easier than being in regular classes, because then you have a teacher who helps you during your class periods such as science and math, and classwork from those teachers is so easy to learn for imtihan. I actually began going to school in Amreeka in 2015 and now it is the beginning of 2017. It is a great experience meeting new people, visiting new places, learning different language, taking electives which you are interested in, and enjoy trying food from different culture’s tradition because then you get to know more about tasty food. According to me, the most delicious and tasty food belongs to the Middle East and Turkey is traditional country and it has old style of way of living lives which is so good.  Delicious food makes me happy and cool. Turkey is my favorite country and I want to visit it. The most beautiful city in Turkey is Istanbul. Image result for istanbulI am not sure that is that a aasima of Turkey or not but I know that there are so many beautiful places and mosques built by using Islamic Art that is mostly used building a masjid . Fascinating view of this city makes people feel it is the city that they must have to visit. The buildings look so jameel. How I felt that Istanbul is a beautiful madinah, I read a novel and the setting of that novel was Turkey. The hero lived there and heroine came there for education because she got scholarship and they both were married but they were not living together because the reception did not happened yet. I think it was the most interesting novel in the world and the way, writer of this novel write novels, is so interested and she has sophisticated thoughts and she writes her expressions and thoughts gorgeously to make people feel interest reading novels and lead them on the right pathway of life because there are so many ways to learn lessons from her novels such as religiously. I hope I will visit this sparkly city one day. InShaAllah.

A Prophet…..Hazrat Nuh (a.s)

Salam guys! What’s up? Today, I decided to come up with the stories of prophets because I started my topic in my last blog so I want to continue with these stories until I feel I am finished with them. Last time I wrote about Hazrat Adam who was the first prophet and the first man on the earth, and his wife Hazrat Hawa. Lets read about more prophets and about their journeys.

Hazrat Nuh

After many years Hazrat Adam had grandchildren even great grand children, there were so many people on the earth. Some of them obeyed Allah and some of them did not. Now there lot of bad things happening in the earth. People made Allah unhappy so Allah chose Hazrat Nuh to tell people what is good and what is bad for them. He told people about  what they are doing wrong but people did not listen to them. Hazrat Nuh kept telling people about doing good deeds for about 950 , 1050 or 1400 years (sorry it is not confirmed that how many years he telling people to make Allah happy)  and after that Allah decided to punish naughty people and told Hazrat Nuh to build a boat.He began to gather parts of woods and when bad people saw an old man gathering parts of woods and building a boat near by his house on a dried place, they laughed at him that what is he doing but he did not take any notice of them because he had to do his work. When he finished building boat, he put a lot of food in the boat, took the people with him who were good people and wanted to come with him and he also took a lot of animals, two of every kind. One day, all of a sudden, the sky went very dark, the rain began and water was also coming from the earth. Good people who believed in Hazrat Nuh were in boat and non-believers died in the water. Hazrat Nuh’s wife and one son did not obey Allah and when he called his son to come in the boat, he said he will go on the peak of the mountain but he died. He imagined , water is everywhere, people are dying but I am trying to reach at the peak of the mountain, feeling alive. After many days, when the water dried, people came back on the land and lived there.

There is so much that I have to tell you, so stay tuned.

SALAM…….(Peace be on you)

Stories of Prophets…..!!

Salaam guys!   How are you?   This blog is so difficult for me because I don’t have any ideas so I decided to write stories about prophets. So there were so many prophets in the world and the first man Hazrat Adam was the first prophet too. And the last prophet were Muhammad (S.A.W). So lets talk about some Prophets.

Hazrat Adam (A.S)

Allah made the mountains, sees, heaven, stars, sun, moon and angles. The angles were like Allah’s servants. They did whatever Allah ordered them to do. Them Allah decided to create a man. His name was Adam. Allah taught him many things so he had more knowledge than angles.  There was a jinn (ghost) who did not do Sajda when Allah asked everyone to do Sajda for him so he became Iblees (Shytan, Devil). Adam begin to live in a beautiful place called paradise but he felt little lonely so Allah made to be Adam’s wife and they were living happy. In paradise, they were able to do anything but Allah told them must not to eat any fruit from a tree. Shytan decided to do something naughty. He told Adam and Hawa that nothing would happen if they eat this fruit and it is so delicious so they both ate that fruit then they realized that they did not do a good thing. So they asked Allah for forgiveness and Allah forgave them but they were not able to be in paradise and Allah sent them to earth and they had children and this this is how population of the world grew.


Ok guys I will tell you about other Prophets in my other blog. Prophets played the big roles in peoples lives. They were innocents and they did what Allah tell them to do by angles.





Salam guys….what’s up?  Today my goal is to share something about popular and famous mountains and let me and you guys know what are some highest mountains and where are they located and things like that.

Let’s learn about The Top Ten highest mountains in the world.

Mount Everest Mount_Everest_as_seen_from_Drukair2_PLW_edit.jpg

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on the earth. It is located in Nepal and It is 29,035 feet tall. The range of this mountain is Himalayan.

K2 MountainK2-01.jpg

K2 mountain is the second tallest mountain on the earth. It is located in Pakistan and it is 28,250 feet high. The range of this mountain is Karakoram.

Kangchenjunga Mountain


Kangchenjunga mountain is the third highest mountain in the world. It is located in Nepal and it is 28,169 feet high. The range of this mountain is Himalayas.

Lhotse MountainKongma%20La%2011%20Lhotse%20West%20Face,%20Lhotse%20South%20Face_%20Lhotse%20Shar%20Close%20Up.jpg

Lhotse mountain is the fourth tallest mountain in the world. It is located in Nepal. This mountain is 27940 feet high and the range of this mountain is Himalayas.

Makalu Mountain


Makalu mountain is the fifth highest mountain in the world. It is located in Himalayas.  Makalu mountain is 27,766 feet high and the range of this mountain is Hamalayas.

Cho Oyo Mountain


Cho Oyo mountain is the sixth highest mountain on  the earth. It is located in Nepal and it is 26,906 feet high. The range of this mountain is Himalayas.

Dhaulagiri Mountain


Dhaulagiri Mountain is the seventh highest mountain in the world. It is located in Nepal. It is 26.795 feet high and the range of this mountain is Himalayas.

Manaslu Mountain


Manaslu Mountain is the eighth highest mountain in the world. It is located in Nepal and  it is 26.782 feet high. The range of this mountain is Himalayas.

Nanga Parbat Mountain



Nanga Perbat mountain is the ninth highest mountain in the world. It is located in Pakistan and it is 26,660 feet high. The range if Nanga Perbat mountain is Himalayas.

Annapurna Mountainannapurna%20title

Annapurna mountain is the tenth highest mountain in the world. It is located in Nepal. It is 25,545 feet high ad the range of this mountain is Himalayas.

So we have learned about world’s top ten mountains. How was your experience guys? Mine was really good. Let me know if you like this post and if you want me to any other topic for you, just let me know. I will do it for you.